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Why You Should Schedule Your Annual Boiler Emissions Testing Around Your Maintenance Cleanings

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Boilers provide clean heat that is free of dust or other particles, and with regular maintenance, a boiler heating system can outlast other types of heating systems, like furnaces.

But boilers typically use a lot of feed water, which will contain minerals like calcium and magnesium, and these minerals may harden and cause blockages in the lines running to the boiler.

Therefore, if you want your boiler to last a long time, it is essential that you regularly clean it.

If you frequently operate multiple commercial boilers, staying on top of their maintenance schedules can be time-consuming but cleaning them is necessary, and mandated by most states.

A professional cleaning service can save you time and money and ensure that your boiler(s) continue to operate smoothly.

Stay on top of cleaning your boiler to save money and prevent expensive breakdowns down the road.

You can also avoid a potential disruption so your family or business continues to function.


How Does A Boiler Work?

A boiler uses a heating mechanism to convert water into steam to be used for a variety of purposes, as you reading this probably know already.

Boilers heat water using oil, natural gas, or electric heaters.

The steam it creates is distributed to run production equipment, steam-clean, provide heat, or sterilize.

The steam moves through pipes to radiators or convectors or heating the air through a coil.

There are two main types of boiler, a firetube, and a watertube, and there are other designs and special configurations that can be customized for the application.

Boilers are generally considered more energy efficient than other types of heaters, for example, because the energy given out by the steam can be converted back into the water, therefore, reducing the amount of water needed to be converted into steam.

If 100% of the steam used can be returned back into the water, then the boiler is considered to be operating on a closed system (i.e., closed steam heating, hot water heating, and “one-pipe” systems).

Having energy-efficient or closed boiler systems is not always recommended since some of the processes that rely on boiler steam might contaminate that steam.

If this is the case, then the condensate is not returned into the boiler and it is considered an open system.


Why Do I Need To Maintain And Clean My Boiler?

While this method of heat creation is effective, your boiler will get dirty over time, usually through a buildup of minerals from the water or residual from the heating process.

Scale and soot deposits, which are made up of reacted magnesium, calcium, and silica, might build up in layers in the boiler heat exchange tubes and increase the chances of blocking the water from passing through the tubes.

Even if a boiler has a build-up that is only 1/32nd of an inch thick, there is a presumptive fuel energy loss of 2%.

This loss may seem minute, but when a boiler is putting out steam at a high rate and heating a large building or even a home, the loss of fuel translates to a large cost to you.

In addition to this, a backed-up boiler can be dangerous and even explode.

While there are many causes for why a boiler might explode, poor water treatment that causes scaling (which then overheats the plates) is one of them.

Other issues include low water level, gas leak (if using a gas system), and a malfunctioning safety valve.

This is why boiler maintenance is vital. At least once a year, you should have your boiler cleaned thoroughly.

Your boiler should be free of dirt, dust, and any offshoots of the heating process like soot and scale that can accumulate inside the boiler.

Any of these byproducts can create serious problems for your boiler and heating systems, and your boiler will need major repair work.

Major repair work means more money spent, and more complaints from tenants.

Hiring a licensed professional contractor to maintain and rigorously clean your boiler will keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently, and your building(s) will be warm, safe, and you will save on utility bills.


Why Should I Clean My Boiler Now?

Enlisting a professional cleaning service to ensure that your boiler is working properly is essential for your building or home’s boiler system.

It also ensures that your boiler will pass the emissions test required by New York state.

The heating season in New York runs from October 1 through May 31, meaning your boiler must be available for heating your dwelling between that time. This is a long period of time to depend on an unserviced boiler system.

Being proactive about boiler maintenance and cleanings has some clear benefits, including

  • Energy savings

  • Reduced boiler downtime

  • Maintaining your equipment on your schedule

  • Identifying potential problems early on

  • Extending the lifespan of your boiler

  • Getting your emissions testing done earlier

A healthy boiler will keep operational processes functioning smoothly and your home comfortable.

Healthy boiler maintenance will prevent health emergencies that can arise when your boiler heating system is faulty and will curb tenant complaints about the cold.

In addition to keeping your tenants or home comfortable, having your boiler cleaned by a professional boiler contractor also means that when the time comes, you will be confident that your boiler will pass the annual emissions inspection, required by law in New York.

If your boiler does not pass the emissions test required by New York law, your boiler will not be approved for the use which can lead to fines, and, most importantly, you will not be able to use your boiler leaving you and your building susceptible to the cold and complaints.


Who Can Clean My Boiler?

What you can’t see on the inside of the boiler is what you need to be concerned about, and a licensed professional boiler cleaning contractor has the expertise to recognize dangerous buildup and handle a rigorous and effective cleaning of your boiler.

To pass emissions testing, your boiler cleaning should be completed only by a licensed contractor that specializes in boiler maintenance, repair, and cleaning services.

Enlisting the services of a licensed HVAC servicer that specializes in boiler cleaning ensures that your heating system is cleaned by professionals in order for your business to pass the emissions testing.

Other cleaning services include pumps, chimney, central heater, and other smaller parts of the boiler.

In addition to this, your cleaners will blast pressurized water through the boiler to loosen any sediment that has accumulated and your boiler will return to efficient operation.

A company that has skilled technicians, specialized equipment, and superior industry knowledge is your ideal hire for the job.

For your boiler maintenance, repairs, emergency repairs, and emission test or cleaning, hire a licensed company with a mobile vacuum fleet that specializes in boiler cleanings, tube replacement, sections, welding, faceplates and coils, chambers, installs, and gas conversions.


Why You Should Consider Ragno Boiler For Your Cleaning Service

Ragno team

Ragno Boiler Services is a reliable boiler repair service, well-equipped to handle emergency boiler repair no matter the time of day. We will dispatch a highly skilled technician to your emergency to assess the situation and rectify it. If it can’t be fixed, we are fully equipped to replace your boiler.

Your safety is paramount to us, and we will assess the ventilation system of your boiler and look for any dangerous carbon monoxide leaking damage.

We want your boiler in perfect working order so that you can confidently depend on the reliability, warmth, and safety that your boiler provides.

Ragno has over 87 years of industry experience in the boiler service field.

This level of experience means not only are we able to properly clean your boiler system for your annual inspection, but we will also address issues with your boiler’s tubes, vents, and air filter and identify any area that may need special attention immediately or will need addressing further down the road.

Boiler maintenance is not always at the forefront of your to-do list, especially if your boiler appears to be working properly.

Take Away: To keep your boiler at optimum efficiency and pass your state emission testing, your boiler needs to be cleaned annually.

Putting off that cleaning means that any byproducts of the heating process are building in the boiler, causing losses of fuel and losses to the efficiency of the boiler.


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Book a cleaning with a licensed boiler contractor to ensure that you will have your boiler serviced promptly, and to pass your emissions test with flying colors.

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