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  • Anthony Ragno

The Expense of Not Getting Your Boiler Repaired

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Your building's boiler is the component that keeps occupants safe, secure, and comfortable.

However, until it comes time to turn the boiler on for the season, we rarely put much thought into its operation.

For your tenants' safety and to keep your boiler running efficiently, it is crucial to maintain boiler service even when it's not in use.

While it is easy to call a boiler technician when your boiler fails to keep your building warm, emergency boiler repairs can be expensive. Avoid emergency repairs by having your boiler serviced regularly.

While not repairing your boiler might be easier, it won’t run safely or efficiently. On top of that, major repairs or disasters down the line could be costly.

Here is why you should stay up to date with your boiler repairs.


You Can Stop Problems Before They Become Disasters

Your boiler is crucial to running your building. It produces heat during cold New York falls and winters and heats the water for your showers. A boiler is a complex system requiring working knowledge to repair or spot minor issues before they become catastrophes.

Understandably, you might have no idea where to look when the boiler starts acting up.

A professional boiler company can perform regular boiler service (or preventative maintenance) and spot irregularities, providing solutions for minor issues that can cause significant damage if left unchecked.

As with any appliance, leaving the issue to fester only makes things worse, and letting boiler problems linger can not only be dangerous and uncomfortable, it can be costly.

Your Energy Bills Can Skyrocket

A boiler that is not running correctly can cause your energy bills to increase tenfold. Tenants might have to use space heaters, which can be dangerous and use vast amounts of energy.

Aside from the extra appliances, an inefficient or broken boiler uses more energy to run. During regular maintenance checks, your boiler technician will examine the boiler to check for any irregularities.

While some building owners are hesitant to schedule regular boiler service because of the cost, it is more expensive to pay out extra money every month to your energy bills over the long run.

Even more costly is paying for boiler repairs or, in extreme cases, replacing the boiler altogether.

Boiler Replacement is More Expensive

Regular boiler maintenance service carries a nominal fee, but the cost might surprise you.

Without having your boiler's minor issues found and repaired, you may be faced with having to replace your boiler altogether.

When you have a boiler service technician scheduled to check your boiler on an annual basis, it has a better chance of starting correctly and keeping your building safe and warm.

Your boiler is a robust system, but it is complex. To run efficiently, it needs the keen eye of someone trained to clean, inspect and repair boilers.

Your boiler will resist breakdowns with regular service. You may also need to complete emissions testing, and without getting it checked up, your system could be non-compliant.

Most importantly, your building occupants will keep safe and warm with a regularly and professionally serviced boiler—and you will avoid having to replace your boiler until it ages out.

You Could Void Your Warranty

If you recently purchased your boiler, it is probably still under warranty. According to your warranty agreement, you may need an annual boiler service from a professional boiler technician.

Without the service within twelve months of purchase and after that annually, your warranty could be voided.

A void warranty means any repairs or even replacement is your responsibility. Stay on top of your service schedule to ensure that you don't get caught short and have to pay for anything out of pocket.

Your Boiler Can Become Dangerous

Your boiler is energy efficient and provides ambient warmth to your building, but it can become dangerous without proper safety and regulatory checks. Regular service checks will ensure that your boiler runs efficiently and safely to keep your building without harm.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a real threat when a boiler is left broken down. It is odorless and colorless, and if your building's occupants don't have a monitor, they won't be alerted to carbon monoxide.

To keep your building safe, call your professional boiler technician to service your boiler and ensure no issues that present a danger to you or your tenants.


Call A Professional

The reasons to have your boiler annually serviced are beneficial to you, your wallet, and your building.

Your boiler should be serviced by a professional boiler technician from a reputable boiler company to ensure that the technician's industry knowledge and training have been sufficient enough to spot any minor issues with your boiler before they become significant issues.

Ragno Boiler services boilers in the Bronx area and provides excellent boiler service for you and your building.

As your boiler is a complex system, you will need someone who specializes in commercial and residential boiler service so that they can perform tests and checks on your boiler to keep you and your building safe.


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