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  • Anthony Ragno

The Importance of Taking Care of Boiler Maintenance in the Off Season

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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Emerging from prime boiler-use season can sometimes mean that boiler issues are forgotten in favor of summertime air conditioner maintenance.

But ignoring your boiler just delays the inevitable and can put you into a predicament.

By delaying, you risk being forced to wait for repairs when you most need your boiler. The best time to have your boiler repaired is the spring and summer. This is when your building is not relying on it for heat and can be easily serviced by a boiler repair person.

When scheduled in summer or spring, the chances are higher that you will be scheduled at your convenience, and you might even get a discount. Leaving any necessary repairs to wait for months can also lead to other issues and more costly repairs.

So, why is it important to have your boiler serviced in the off-season? We explain here.


Why Boiler Maintenance?

Most building owners or managers aren't aware that summer is one of the best times to complete boiler maintenance. But why do you need boiler maintenance and inspections at all?

It is vital to ensure that your boiler system works properly. A boiler technician will run thorough checks to make sure this is the case. Boiler inspections should catch the boiler components that have fallen into disrepair over time.

A service repair person will also identify parts that need fixing or to be replaced, which can save you money in the long run.

Another good reason to have a boiler maintained and inspected is to improve the energy efficiency in your building. A dirty boiler will be forced to work harder, adding wear and tear to the system; this can shorten its life and cause your utility bills to go up.

Additionally, the yearly cleaning and maintenance help to ensure that the system is clean and running to its best possible performance. Again, this will reduce the amount of work that the boiler has to put into heating the building and reduce heating costs.

Why You Should Consider Early Boiler Maintenance

The summer is more advantageous for boiler repair since most property managers or owners wait until mid to late fall to perform boiler maintenance. That makes it the busiest time for service technicians.

Boiler technicians will be busy from late August until April, completing maintenance and inspection calls. As the fall and winter progress, additional replacements and repairs will pop up. Because of this, when you call for your boiler to be fixed, it will be hard to get an appointment.

Summer is a great time to schedule routine maintenance. Some of the tasks necessary for regular boiler upkeep include:

  • Flushing and draining the boiler, including opening all handholes and manholes, cleaning and removing scale and soot.

  • Examination of the boiler for corrosion and damages.

  • Installation of new gaskets, replacing all handhole and manhole covers, boiler refill, and hydrostatic test if needed

  • Cleaning and adjusting the fuel-burning components of the boiler

  • Testing for leaks on all fuel safety shutoff valves

  • Checking the piping for missing insulation and leaks

  • Lubricating mechanical equipment

Hiring a professional boiler technician from a reputable company like Ragno Boiler means that minor repairs will be identified before they become extensive. Additionally, on the off chance that your boiler does require repair, you will be able to budget for it.

Offseason Maintenance Can Save You Money

When the heat of summer is upon us, your building's boiler is probably the last thing you are thinking about. However, it pays to service it early. Summer is unfortunately fleeting, and in no time, the leaves will be falling, and by that point, you are risking downtime: time without heat in your building.

Spring and summer are often overlooked as the best time to have boiler maintenance. But, when you hire a technician during this off season, you will reduce the risk of damage to your boiler saving you costly repairs down the road, you will more or less have your pick of appointments AND you could save as much as 10-15% on your call.

Your boiler should be inspected, or preventative maintenance should be performed annually (and possibly even more). Since these are inevitable costs, why not choose to have your boiler maintained when you get a discount?


Take Care of Your Boiler Repair

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Taking good care of your boiler means ensuring that it is in good working order. Scheduling an offseason repair will mean your boiler is ready for use when you need it.

You will minimize stress and ensure that your boiler maintenance is completed, and maybe even save money.

Ragno Boiler has the expertise to ensure that your maintenance and inspection are completed efficiently and safely.


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