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The Ins and Outs of Boiler Warranties

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

When building owners or property managers require a new boiler for their facility, many consider a boiler warranty.

A good warranty can be a money saver because it helps to avoid or minimize costly repairs.

With good warranty coverage, you can rest assured knowing that, in most cases, your boiler will be repaired and brought back to operation so that your building is safe and warm.

Boiler warranties are excellent, but how do they work? Read on to find out about the ins and outs of boiler warranties.


Boiler Warranties

Boiler - Ragno

Warranties are often offered by manufacturers to cover the cost of defective parts, malfunctions, and minor repairs. You can also add one to your existing boiler.

A good boiler warranty should be comprehensive and include most, if not all, of your boiler's components. You will want to be sure of the following:

  • What are the conditions of your warranty?

  • Are you responsible for registering the warranty after installation?

  • What does your warranty cover?

  • Do you have a boiler warranty or a guarantee?

It is a good idea to ask these questions before choosing a boiler for installation to be aware of what is expected to maintain your warranty.

What is the Difference Between a Boiler Warranty and a Guarantee?

A guarantee generally means that the professional installer will cover repairs or replacements resulting from any installation defect or error.

On the other hand, a warranty is a contract that ensures that whatever befell your boiler will be investigated. Usually, this means manufacturer's defects.

Still, if it veers outside of the warranty terms, a service provider may not be able to fix the issue for free, so it is crucial to be aware of the terms of your warranty.

However, a warranty is important because it offers you coverage for many of the issues that can plague boilers.

Warranty Conditions of Coverage

Warranties usually come with conditions that need to be adhered to so that the warranty stays valid.

Failure to follow any of the conditions may mean that something that might have been covered under the warranty is now your responsibility.

Most boiler brands provide similar conditions, so you can get an idea of what is expected of you or your property manager when it comes to boiler installation and maintenance. These include:

  • Installation by a licensed boiler contractor

  • Registration of the warranty within a short time after installation

  • Regular cleaning

  • Annual (or more) service by a licensed boiler contractor

  • Keeping up with testing

In addition to these, you may also have to pay a small deductible.

An experienced boiler repair contractor will offer regular boiler maintenance service. Ragno Boiler Maintenance, Inc. provides a preventative maintenance plan that comes with perks, like discounts on cleaning services. With regular servicing from Ragno, you can ensure that your boiler stays within its warranty.

Manufacturer's Warranty Details

Keep in mind that manufacturer warranties vary from brand to brand. Each boiler manufacturer has its own warranty terms, and these may vary by model, too.

Most boiler manufacturers offer a standard one to five-year warranty, but you may luck into a brand that offers an extended warranty from between two to ten years.

How To Know That You Have a Good Boiler Warranty

Installing a new boiler means that your building and tenants are warm and comfortable, which also means you have one less thing to worry about in your building.

Your boiler should always be working at its optimum efficiency, which means regular checkups and cleaning. Regular maintenance and cleanings ensure your boiler works well. However, if there is a need, you can take advantage of your warranty coverage for repairs.

You want to keep your boiler working efficiently, especially since purchasing a new boiler is a hefty investment in your building.

A good warranty should help extend the life of your boiler, even to the point of your final payment period (if you are financing). This way you are not left paying for repairs on a boiler that you are still making payments on.

What You Should Know About Boiler Warranties


As mentioned earlier, there are a few things that are your responsibility as the boiler owner. One of these is to ensure that you have the warranty registered after installation.

You usually only have about thirty days from the installation date, so it is a good idea to register the warranty as soon as you can.

In some cases, the boiler technicians will register your warranty for you, but it is essential to determine the process after installation. Failing to have your warranty registered can mean that you lose out on eligibility to have the warranty at all.


Warranties are great to have, but if you need something repaired, it can be hard to prove that the cause of the issue falls under the coverage.

It may fall on your shoulders to prove that fault lies in an issue with the boiler and is not a result of faulty installation or neglect.

The manufacturer might try to blame any installation issues on the technician who installed it, so it is crucial to use a professional and licensed boiler technician like Ragno Boiler Maintenance, Inc. They are well-versed in boiler installation and service and are experienced in dealing with warranty issues.

Having regular preventative maintenance with a licensed boiler technician also means that you can refer to your records if you require supporting documents for your warranty coverage. Ragno Boiler Maintenance, Inc. also only deals with quality boilermakers that provide excellent aftercare service for warranties.

Preventative Maintenance

The validity of your warranty will most likely depend on an annual inspection and maintenance, so choosing a professional boiler company with an excellent preventative maintenance plan will ensure that you are given the best care for your boiler.

Preventative maintenance not only helps to keep your warranty intact, but you are also helping to extend the lifespan of your boiler throughout the warranty and beyond.

Having regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can also save you money in the long term, as professional boiler technicians have the experience to spot minor concerns before they become major repairs.

How to Score the Longest and Best Warranty

Hiring Ragno Boiler Maintenance, Inc. is the best way to score a great warranty on your boiler. With hundreds of years of combined experience in boiler services, our technicians can offer you the best solution for your needs.

We can meet your boiler needs with preventative maintenance plans, cleaning, repairs, and new boiler installations. Contact Anthony for more information today.



A good boiler warranty can be a money saver because it helps to avoid or minimize costly repairs.

It should cover all of your boiler's components but it’s only valid if you follow all of the conditions of the warranty.

To maintain your boiler coverage, be sure to

  • Register the boiler

  • Have it installed by a professional boiler technician

  • Maintain regular cleaning

  • Perform preventive maintenance

  • Perform annual inspections and emissions testing

  • And keep records of services

Hiring Ragno Boiler Maintenance, Inc. is the best way to score a great warranty on your boiler.

We can meet your boiler needs with preventative maintenance plans, cleaning, repairs, and new boiler installations so your boiler warranty stays active.


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