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  • Anthony Ragno

Beating the Rush to Get Your Boiler Serviced

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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There are advantages to servicing your building's boiler annually. We often don't think of our building’s heating systems until it is time to turn them on for the season, and then when they fail to function correctly, we scramble to fix them.

Your boiler will benefit from annual service but does the timing of your service appointment matter in terms of its functionality?

When the weather starts to turn cool, boiler repair professionals are inundated with service requests and repair calls. What if you could beat that rush?

Your boiler function will be the same, no matter the season that you schedule your boiler service. However, there are definite advantages to moving your boiler service to the summer.

Not only are you beating the rush of all of the other building owners who need boiler service, but you are benefitting by way of convenience and cost.


The following are some reasons why it is better to beat the rush and get your boiler serviced for use in winter:

Staying on Top of Warranty

Having your boiler cleaned for the season is an essential part of boiler maintenance.

It will keep your boiler functioning properly, keep your tenants comfortable, and avoid buildup in your boiler system that can be dangerous or lead to costly repairs.

Most of us don't pay attention when our boilers are serviced.

Some service providers schedule the repair for the anniversary of when the boiler was installed, and sometimes it is planned around the time of a past repair.

These times generally fall in line with any warranty that might be in place for the boiler.

If you fail to maintain your boiler, it could fall out of warranty, and sometimes if your boiler service team is too busy, then your maintenance could fall to the wayside and end up breaking a component of your boiler.

It Might be Cheaper

When a boiler is no longer under warranty, service is generally scheduled before the winter's chill, and the boiler must be turned on to keep your building’s occupants safe and comfortable.

There are very few boiler breakdowns in the summer, which means that boiler repair professionals are not as busy as in the fall and winter months. As a result, many boiler repair companies will discount their boiler service fee in the summer.

This helps boiler repair companies keep business flowing steadily to fulfill calls in the winter months. You still receive the same excellent boiler service but pay a slightly lower fee than you might pay in the fall and winter.

Your Boiler Will Be Ready Before the Season Begins

Most boiler troubles happen when your building's heat is turned on for the first time, especially if it has been idle for months.

However, when you put off your boiler service until the season changes, you risk your building being left in the cold when it is needed most.

A service call will identify any issues that may crop up when you initially turn your boiler on, which means that any parts that need to be ordered will have plenty of time to arrive and be replaced in time to keep your building warm.

Schedule your boiler service appointment for the summer or early fall. You can ensure that your boiler service professionals will be available to service your building, and your boiler will be prepared and ready for when you need it to keep your building safe, warm, and comfortable.


When you schedule your boiler service outside of the rush, you can choose the most convenient date for you, your building, and your tenants.

This not only means that your service call is well-timed for your buildings' purpose, but it also means that the boiler service provider is less busy.

So, if the boiler technician discovers a problem that requires repair, your boiler will have no downtime.

No downtime means less disruption to your tenants—who are dependent on the heat in the winter.

You Can Plan Your Budget

Budgeting - Ragno

When you schedule your building's service in the summer or early fall, you can budget for costly repairs or even a replacement, should it be deemed necessary.

A service appointment booked during the rush means that if a repair or replacement part is needed, you can start budgeting towards these potentially significant expenses.

Keep an Eye on Your Boiler When it is Not in Use

Even after having booked your service appointment, you should still keep your boiler a priority during building maintenance checks.

Watch for signs like a drop in water pressure, water level, or temperature on your boiler. If you notice any of these things, contact your boiler technician immediately.

If you see any water leaking, you will need to enlist help. Keep the space around your boiler free from clutter or storage, and ensure that your boiler is clean and dust-free.

When you watch your boiler between service appointments, you may catch a problem before it becomes something even more significant.

This helps your boiler perform better and saves you money in repairs and efficiency in the long term.

Get Ahead of the Rush

When the weather is warm, and we are enjoying all that summer and early fall gives us here in the Bronx, NY, it is easy to push our HVAC systems, including our boilers, aside and not think of them again until we need heat.

As a building owner, it is a great idea to schedule your boiler service appointment before the beginning of the cold weather rush. You will be putting your building ahead of the curve by having a professional boiler technician service your boiler in the warmer weather.


Ragno Boiler Maintenance

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You should schedule a service appointment for your boiler one to two times per year. Waiting until late fall to do this can leave you and your building in the cold.

TAKE AWAYS: Beating the rush by scheduling your service call in the warmer months avoids the chance of waiting for an appointment or dealing with scarcity of parts. You can also avoid the rush for boiler emissions testing cleaning if you schedule your service appointment accordingly.

When you schedule your service appointment, ensure that you enlist a professional boiler company like Ragno Boiler.

A boiler service company with so many years of industry knowledge and expertise will service your boiler and leave you with a healthy system that keeps your building and occupants safe and comfortable.


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