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8 Signs Your Boiler is on the Fritz

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

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When your boiler is on the fritz, there will be indications to watch out for.

Your faulty boiler will need to be fixed or replaced as soon as feasible to avoid downtime or costly and premature boiler replacement.

This blog article will provide you with 8 signs of malfunction that you should look for and ways to prevent significant boiler repairs.


8 Signs Your Boiler Needs Work

If your boiler is on the fritz, you'll want to get it repaired by a professional as soon as possible.

Here are some indicators that may assist you in determining whether or not you need to call one of our expert technicians:

  • When the boiler is running, it makes strange noises: When a boiler operates, you should expect some sounds as it is a working machine. These sounds shouldn't be too loud, though. Worrisome sounds are bangs, hisses, or popping sounds—these might signal a problem.

  • There is little or no heat in the building: If your boiler is broken, it will have to work much harder to generate heat for your property. If you have had complaints about the heat or notice that the building is not as comfortable as it should be, you should call to have one of our technicians check out your boiler.

  • Water is leaking around the boiler: A leaking boiler, similar to a malfunctioning water heater, is an issue. The leak allows heat to escape from the system, making it less dependable to deliver warmth to your building and its occupants. Keep an eye out for indications that your boiler is leaking, such as a drop in water pressure or water pooling around the boiler.

  • The boiler doesn't operate for the usual cycle duration: Is your boiler working for the average number of cycles, or is it running in shorter cycles? When your boiler is struggling to heat the building, it may attempt to cycle over and over. There are a variety of reasons why this might be the case. Repeated cycle attempts signal a boiler issue and should be remedied as soon as possible by one of our commercial boiler repair technicians.

  • The boiler pressure has changed: If the pressure in your boiler drops suddenly (or you have to "top it up" often) or if the pressure is frequently too high, there may be an issue with it. To avoid a catastrophe, get it looked at right away.

  • There is a strange smell coming from the system: When water boils, it contains dissolved minerals and gases that can create odors when boiled off or released through your steam vents on top of the boiler, which can cause a sulphuric, rotten egg smell. Notice an odd smell emanating from somewhere around your heating equipment? This may indicate a bigger problem that requires the work of our professionals at Ragno Boiler to fix.

  • The pilot light is not blue: Look at the pilot light or gas fire through the window if you have a gas boiler (if there is one). The flames should be blue. If they're yellow or orange, it's time to get your boiler serviced by one of our experienced technicians.

  • Increased energy costs: When a boiler has trouble functioning, it will need to draw more power to reach the desired temperature required to meet the needs of your building. Of course, this will result in higher energy expenses, which you could avoid with preventative maintenance.


Common Reasons a Boiler Malfunctions

Boilers can malfunction for many different reasons. These factors include aging equipment, infrequent cleanings, leaks, and more.

The lack of preventive maintenance often causes boiler malfunctions, and it's essential to understand what signs indicate a fault with the system and how quickly they require attention.

Service your boiler regularly to avoid costly, inconvenient, and even deadly boiler failures. In fact, your boiler may need to be routinely maintained to keep any manufacturer's warranty, extended warranty, and boiler coverage valid, so it is essential to know what is required.

Subscribing to our preventative maintenance program will ensure that your boiler is thoroughly maintained and is an investment in your boiler, and even gets you a discount on our boiler cleaning service!

Preventative Maintenance for Commercial Boilers

A boiler is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment for a building's function. Building owners, property managers, and landlords rely on boiler heating systems to warm homes and buildings on chilly days, making it a highly effective technology that must not be overlooked.

However, since boilers are complicated equipment with many components, their maintenance is best left to the professionals.

A faulty boiler results from several things and will need a commercial boiler repair service like Ragno Boiler Maintenance of Bronx, New York, to inspect your boilers and provide a solution.

The sooner this task is taken care of, the better for the boiler and radiator system and your building's comfort.

Malfunctioning boilers can not only leave you with costly repairs or in need of a total replacement; boilers can also be dangerous without proper maintenance.

Most building owners and property managers wait until the weather is cold to schedule cleaning or maintenance appointments, but you can get ahead of the game by booking with us in the off-season.

Many common issues arise with boilers over time. If you notice any signs mentioned in this blog post, contact Ragno Boiler immediately.

We will send one of our technicians over to take a look at your system and provide a diagnosis and offer any advice that we have available for you. We are the only boiler service in the area with a fleet of vacuum trucks and can efficiently clean your boilers to ensure they stay in good working order and pass the annual emissions test.

Call us today to schedule an appointment for boiler repair, cleaning, or other boiler services in the Bronx!



When your boiler is on the fritz, there will be indications to watch out for.

  • When the boiler is running, it makes strange noises.

  • There is little or no heat in the building.

  • Water is leaking around the boiler.

  • The boiler doesn't operate for the usual cycle duration.

  • The boiler pressure has changed.

  • There is a strange smell coming from the system.

  • The pilot light is not blue.

  • Increased energy costs.

Many common issues arise with boilers due to wear and tear. If you notice any signs mentioned in this blog post, contact Ragno Boiler immediately.


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